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Each athlete’s story is different. This is mine.

Wuustwezel European Cup, a wild race for me!

Wuustwezel Sprint Triathlon European cup. Some of my friends asked me how come you are from Asia and you race at European cup! Doesn’t make sense.. Well in triathlon you can race in any Continental Cup but except the Continental Championships. Continent...

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Tough experince at Huatulco, Mexico ITU World Cup

I am a decent swimmer who make the first-mid pack most of the races! But I don’t have the short speed power and that is a critical element for the elite legal draft racing. It’s very important to be in-front right from the beginning of the race to...

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Athletes are like any another ambassador of peace and love

My story continues

Since my story is different, like everyone else’s, as we are all unique people, getting a visa to travel to Jordan was hard for me. To make the long story short, trying to enter Jordan as a Syrian passport holder w...

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Journal #01 Salinas, Ecuador

November 17, 2016, 4:57 pm salinas ecuador itu

From Ecuador to Montréal, to Jordan

Each athlete’s story is different. I shared mine with them, and I’m now sharing it with you.

The past few weeks have been quite busy with work and training. I had promised you a recap of my Salinas ITU World Cup Triathlon competition, so here it is with...

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