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Tough experince at Huatulco, Mexico ITU World Cup

I am a decent swimmer who make the first-mid pack most of the races! But I don’t have the short speed power and that is a critical element for the elite legal draft racing. It’s very important to be in-front right from the beginning of the race to the first body in the water which is most of the time is about 200-300m. if I am not one of the first swimmers to that buoy then things could be almost impossible to have a good race! It’s one line that every athletes want to take, once arriving to that first buoy, that line save few seconds to get to the second buoy but not only that! it also safe big amount of energy avoiding being at same moment that every athletes approaching where is the big fight become between everyone trying to get that line..


Photo by Wagner Araujo / ITU Media.

I was late to that buoy this time at Hualtuco World Cup! I was hitting from all the directions, but I kept going to next buoy and the same story for the 3rd and 4th buoy.. it dragged me to the end of the pack..

Water temperature was around 30 degrees, which is very warm to swim fast!! I did follow my cooling protocol to keep my body temperature low and focus well during the fight. Still the water felt hot for my body though..

So I excited the water with around 7 athletes int he back end. World class athletes!! Machines on the bike! We did some work together drafting each others and trying to catch the main pack which was included around 48 athletes.. we couldn’t get them but we maintained almost the same gap for the all bike leg. I was happy with my bike performance to do few pulls in-front which is not always the case to have the legs to do that between ones of the best athletes in the worlds..

Race start at 10:00am.. by the time I finished biking the heat start to raise up.. Even though I made sure to get my power gels and drink well, still the heat and humidity were strong enough to make me feel like a wall of fire on shoulders and chest! The weather was like 90% humidity and 39 degree heat..

I definitely, didn’t run at my best, but I gave all what left in the tank for the day.. I finished 57th over all, out of 66 athletes and few of them didn’t finish the race or got lapped due to the tough conditions of the day..

I am very disappointed with my performance, I was working for better results and better executions. I can say that was a failure! After talking to my family, friends and my wife which are my source of power and support. I decided to continue with the process of learning how to stand up after a failure. I can take more until the day will come.

Finally, I want to thank everyone out there for believing and keep believing in me, and I am sorry for such a disappointed outcome.. Big thanks to Mexican people for such nice welcoming and loud cheering during the race, I was hearing Syria!! I was surprise actually, but proud to carry the Syrian flag on my Tri-suit at high level of racing and being cheered by very nice local people in the town. I felt welcome and I felt in peace with Mexicans.

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