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Wuustwezel European Cup, a wild race for me!

Wuustwezel Sprint Triathlon European cup. Some of my friends asked me how come you are from Asia and you race at European cup! Doesn’t make sense.. Well in triathlon you can race in any Continental Cup but except the Continental Championships. Continental Cups are open races for any athletes.


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Ok this race was better than last week in Mexico-World cup. The weather was relatively good for me (21degree water temperature and 25 degree air temperature)


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The race stared late at 8:00pm! First time ever I do a race at such time! It was actually the soccer world cup game between Belgium and Morocco at 2:00pm so Wuustwezel, the small city of Belgium is pretty busy watching the game! Also the city is so small that it will shut down for the race so it might be the reason why they made it that late.


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I felt like more prepared mentally to hit a good swim, and it was actually better that last race where I existed the water with around 10-13 athletes in the chasing pack with a gap of around 25 seconds of the front pack.. I was very determine to work as hard as I can to stick with the group and battle to get the front pack. I worked very well and very hard with an average speed of 43k/h and max of 53km/h on a flat course including 4 laps that consist of three 90 degree turns and one 180 degree turn.


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We got the main pack after around 5km! Then felt more motivated to give a good run for the day! We became around 50 athletes in the main pack and it was very tight and dangerous to keep the high speed while being safe and concentrated on being at the right position at the right time. Thanks lord no crushes!!

I entered the T2 around 26th. That was good for me. Then struggle happen.. I couldn’t feel my toes and felt like bad blood circulation in my lower body.. I couldn’t put my running shoes and ended up exiting last out of the T2 off this big group..However, I kept the positive thinking and that I will start to catch up people in front of me. I told myself to keep breathing well and increase speed gradually, keep the form, arms swings and stay nice and tall. It was a big struggle and couldn’t catch anyone and ended up running 18:41 for my 5km which is very slow for me, where I was excepting to run around 16:45 according to my training and my fitness. It could be that I am not well tapered and my legs still accumulating fatigue form the previous workouts. I discussed what happened with my coach and we will be changing few things in my training.

I finished 53 out of 67.. not good, but learnt and made me more hungry for future.

Wuustwezel was a wild race for me and people there are very warm and cheerful! I got the chance to meet really nice people and be welcomed just like home!

Thank you Wuustwezel for that fantastic opportunity and great experience.

Next step Larache-Morocco Sprint Triathlon African Cup on June 30th.

        Until next… ✌️ Mohamad


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